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Welcome! This is a community of a general sort for adults with an advanced interest in and perspective on witchcraft. Please read on and join the community.

A note on what this community is and is not:

This is not a community in which I intend to discriminate against any particular path. I'm not going to say "no Wiccans" or "no Christian witches" or anything of the sort. Altnerative paths are welcome, within reason. What I ask is that you self-identify as a witch or something like it, or, at the very least, have an advanced interest in witchcraft. You also, obviously, have to be an adult. I feel no need to define what this is or at what age it begins. I'm not checking any birth dates. So, if you're not old enough to participate in active discussion with adults, see yourself out.

A note on extremist and alternative paths that may or may not raise eyebrows:

I see no reason to attempt to establish myself as an authority on who and what is the most authentic in witchery. But I am going to expect that given your years, you've had ample opportunity to examine your beliefs, your path and your origins. You will be expected to back up what you say when necessary without acting like a princess.

Just because "witches" believe in or practice "magic" (or whatever your definition may be) doesn't mean we are idiotic or prone to flights of absurd fantasy to such a degree that we cannot distinguish the ridiculous from the spiritual. And just because we are open to the possibility of metaphysical reality does not mean that we must accept every person's fantasies as legitimate spirituality. If you believe in something exceptionally unconventional, don't be sore when you are questioned about the validity of your beliefs.

A note on behaving like adults on the internets:

Nobody is going to be coddled here, but neither is anyone going to be roasted (unless, of course, you invite it - and I'm sure you know who you are). However, it is my firm belief that a community of consenting and mutually interested adults should be able to moderate itself with little discipline. I am here to listen to your concerns and implement appropriate changes, not to scour every post and every comment at every moment of every day.

Remember, this is the internets. Anything you say is essentially public, even behind locked entries, and anything you say is up for scrutiny and discussion. Don't expect me to be watching over you too closely. If you're here, I expect you to know how to conduct yourself.

What does all this mean? I'll tell you!

If you come here and all you've ever read about witchcraft has been published by Llewelyn, expect to be called out.
If you come here talking about the leprochaun who stole your lucky charms, expect that it will set off the bullshit alarm.
If you come here being a discriminatory asspony, or attempting to spew fuel onto the fires of a flame war, you will feel Maxwell's Silver Banhammer.
If you don't act like an adult, can't accept dissenting views or say something totally ridiculous, you will be laughed at and probably asked to leave.

Rules that suck, but bear mentioning:

1. Do not harp any anti-witch propaganda or try to save anybody - you'll be banned.
2. Do not post using annoying fonts. In fact, we'd like it if you just didn't use the Rich Text Editor. Seriously. Please don't.
3. Do not attempt to sell things. Ever.
4. Do not advertise your community without asking first. Only relevant communities will be accepted.
5. Do not intentionally stir controversy for its own sake.
6. Do not beg for spells or ask n00b questions - you will be directed elsewhere.
7. Do not post pictures outside of LJ-cuts. You're an adult - use the FAQ if you don't know how to do this.
8. Do not disable comments. This is forum for discussion.
9. Take any personal arguments out of the community. Pronto.
10. Place any potentially inappropriate content under a cut with a description.

11. Do not complain about the rules. They're here to make life easier.

A note about your mod:

I have rules - personal ones and community ones, and they mesh nicely for me. In essence, I try to be fair, but I can't promise to be nice. You may like or not like the way I moderate, but I am not here to restrict your freedom of speech, only to maintain an orderly and specialized environment for the community. I know the internets is serious bizness and this may cause you to get your knickers in a knot, but that's why it's free to create LJ communities and you may, accordingly, feel free to make your own. I did and I won't be insulted if you do, too.

Your friendly neighborhood witch,

Questions, comments, complaints: Send me an email (rapscallion at livejournal dot com) or just come by my journal. Don't be shy.

I am assisted here by tryst_inn. Thanks!